Dear Friend,

Have you ever suspected there was a secret about money that was intentionally being kept from you…just one trick, that if you knew it, could make all your dreams of financial success come true?

Have you believed in the legend that a handful of powerful TITANS run the World inside a secret society with a secret code?

Ever wondered how they got there and why you were never even given a chance?


Have you ever felt like the traditional financial markets like stocks, bonds and commodities are just rackets, cooked-up by the phony, money grubbing Wall Street fat cats, designed to screw the average Joe out of his life savings, all for the almighty dollar….

Read on and you’ll find you’re REAL close…

The $3 Billion Dollar a Day
“Money Drip”

Are you ready to be let in on the secret, or “The Code” the Real Men of Power have guarded for decades. The men who Control The World’s Entire Money System?

The story I’m about to tell you will blow the top off the biggest of the big, the Federal Reserve banks, and their once illegal insider SCAM.

It will shock you, impress you and perhaps even sicken you to your stomach for three big reasons:

REASON #1 The sheer enormity of it. You’re about to uncover where the real power and money lies in the world economy and how the ALL the World’s stock markets only represents 5% of the total wealth..

REASON #2 The secrecy of it. Until VERY recently you weren’t even allowed to play in this game. It was reserved for big wigs and fat cat politicians, and they are ALREADY trying to close the door again before you can even get started.

REASON#3 The profits made from it. Imagine, Trillions of dollars changing hands millions of times a day. What if there was a way for computers to just shave off fractions of cents from lots of transactions and deposit it in your bank account?

That system exists today, but only a handful of people know about it, until now.

Bear with me, this is about to get good…

WARNING: If You’re Not Ready To
Make Your LIFETIME Retirement
“Screw You” Money Then You
Shouldn’t Read Any Further

This is NOT for the faint of heart, and if you came here looking for a way to make a few extra bucks, this ain’t for you. Go Away!

This is the “big-boys” game and it’s exciting, bloody and laced with more money than you can ever imagine. Seriously!

If you have a weak heart or a poor constitution, go on back to eTrade and buy a few more shares of whatever dog crap they were pumping on CNN today, and live the so-called “American Dream”…whatever that is.

But if you want to experience REAL wealth just once in your lifetime, then listen close.

I’m not talking little money, either…I’m talking BIG MONEY…the kind of money that allows you to say “Screw you!” to anything you don’t want to do.

The kind of money that lets you…

  • Live in houses with more bathrooms than people…
  • Travel by private jet…
  • Stay in $2000 a night hotel rooms…
  • Drive cars that stock market suckers can only dream of…
  • Buy you wife expensive gifts for no reason…
  • Spend money on yourself guilt free!

If you have the stones for it, then read this entire letter, print it out then read it again.

Now let’s get the BS out of the way…

The Stock Market is a LIE, a
Red Herring For Suckers

Do you realize how the stock market really works? You may think you do but I’ll bet you’re not even close, even if you invest in it.

Companies don’t EARN money any more… at least not enough to feed the greed of Wall Street .

It goes like this: Companies on the NYSE and the NASDAQ need to grow 15-20% every single year to get noticed, but most of the time they can’t grow that fast so they simply BUY “fake growth”.

It’s A Giant Game of “3 Card Monte”
Where the Only Sucker Is YOU!

Here’s how it works:

They hire an M&A Company (Mergers and Acquisitions) to find them businesses to buy to meet their numbers. The M&A suits go out and buy companies WHOLESALE for 3X – 4X their annual earnings. All in all, a pretty fair price.

Then they clean up the books, kick out the founders and install some more Wall Street piranhas to run the place, so the public companies can roll them right in FAST.

Next step…

“The Inside Job”

Then they re-sell the private companies to publicly traded firms for 8X – 10X annual earnings! In other words, they’re able to “flip” a company and make 300% on their investment. Not a bad profit for 6-12 months works.

But I know what you’re thinking…

“Why would any smart public companies be such suckers and pay 8X – 10X for a company that earlier in the year was just purchased for 3X – 4X?”

Last Step: The “Dump”

It’s simple…they already have a MUCH BIGGER sucker waiting to pay 20X – 30X earnings for the exact same company so they INSTANTLY triple their money too, but with bigger ZEROS!

So who’s that “sucker” I’m referring to?

The sucker is YOU, the average stock market investor.

The minute these companies add new acquisitions into their books, it’s INSTANTLY worth 20X -30X earnings. That’s what public companies usually trade for.

Tada! Fake growth…  Feel sick yet?

Here is how it breaks down:

MORE BAD NEWS: If you do the math, which most don’t, you’d see it would take you (the retail stock holder) 30 years just to break even.

Oh, by the way most of these companies don’t make it 30 years…

This is a one way trip down suckers ally.

But it’s not your fault!

You’ve been sold this lie all your life, and until just now I bet no one had explained how the process actually worked.

But now you do know, and the reality is  when you buy stock RETAIL through a broker you’re paying as much as 10 TIMES what the company is really worth.

This is how the stock market works. This is why the “fat cats” on Wall Street get so fat…and if you think it’s going to change you’re kidding yourself!

How does that make you feel?

You Can Either Get Rich With The
Insiders or Stay Poor With

It never ceases to amaze me. I have friends who stay at home all day, and watch CNN, MSNBC, Fox news and Bloomberg waiting for some phony baloney Wall Street “insider” to tell them which stocks they should buy today.

Oh my God, are we really that stupid as a people. Why do you think that guy is on TV telling you to buy the stock that he owns?  To drive up the value that’s why.

So how did I get turned on to all this….

How a Flat Broke Boy From Snook,
Texas “Snuck” Inside The Biggest
Money Circle In The World

I was NEVER a threat to these guys.

In short, I got in through a college friend whose dad was a LOADED insider. I was just a kid – but I wasn’t stupid.

These guys control the entire worlds money system and their world is rife with secrecy, cloak and dagger politics and backroom deals that would make a Washington politician blush.

I’ve seen it ALL.

Most are 3rd and 4th generation money grubbers, and they really don’t know any other way. The rich truly do get richer, because they would NEVER give a commoner like you or I a chance, and they NEVER share how they do it.

That’s the secret code.

But I cracked the code! Earning the trust of just one insider, I learned how the whole thing works, and here’s the kicker – they really didn’t seem to care that I knew.


Because I was just this broke kid from Texas, and I could NEVER play in their world. In fact they had LAWS that kept people like me and you out.

Then SUDDENLY that all changed.

On  May 1, 1998  This MEGA Secret
Alternative Market Quietly Opened To the Public

This market the uber rich use to grow their fortunes is 50X Bigger Than The NYSE and The NASDAQ Combined and It’s 1000x Faster & Easier To Make Money From For Beginners. One weeks volume in this GIANT is equal to a years volume in the NYSE.

So what is is?

For lack of a better term, these guys buy and sell Countries.

Ok, so they don’t actually buy countries, but they do trade in the currencies of those countries which is the life essence of any nation.

Here’s what I mean…

POP QUIZ: Do you know what this is:

Of course you think you know, “It’s a dollar bill stupid!”

But in reality, it functions more like a stock certificate for one share of ownership of The United States of America.

Unlike stocks, this dollar is worth somewhere between 98% and 110% the assumed and potential “assets” at any given time.

Why? Because it’s cash…

Cash is a VERY Safe Investment

First, it’s 100% liquid.

There is almost ALWAYS an instantaneous buyer for CASH, because there’s a market that trades in it every hour of almost every day.

But until 1998, “little guys” like you and I weren’t allowed to play there.

But on May 1, 1998, regulations passed that opened this market to the public and now you and I are free to trade and profit just like the “fat cats” of old.

But Why Currencies?

There are three big reasons you should trade and invest in currencies…

Reason #1 Currencies are Better Than Stocks

Like I said before…the currency market trades a larger volume than any other market in the world. The stock market trades roughly $10 billion in volume a day. That’s not bad at all, but it isn’t even 1% of what the currency market trades daily.

The currency market trades an average of $1.8 TRILLION dollars of currency a day. No other market in the world comes remotely close to this figure.

Reason #2 Why Currencies are Better Than Stocks:

No Enron, no WorldCom, no Tyco. These currencies are based on the strength of an entire nation’s economy, not the reports of one company. This doesn’t mean there isn’t risk – every market has risk and currencies no exception, but usually stable countries don’t fall overnight.

I had a friend who went to college, got into stock trading, and had a personal stock portfolio worth six figures by the time he was only 27. Not bad. But almost all of it was McCloud, Enron, and MCI WorldCom.

Nearly overnight his small fortune was worth less than $20,000.

All because of false stock reports from CEOs. This can’t happen in the currencies.

Currency trading has risks like anywhere else, but one corrupt CEO is not one of them.

Reason #3 Why Currencies are Better Than Stocks:

There’s always action. Unlike the stock market, which has a daily close, the currency market is open every day except Saturday.

There is only one close in the currency for an entire week, meaning almost any day, any time, you have the ability to trade.

…and CASH always has a value unlike stocks!

I’m not saying it’s impossible for a currency to lose ALL it’s value, but ask yourself… when has it ever happened?

Even when Iceland got into major trouble and went broke, the world stepped in bailed them (and their currency) out.

So as long as you only “trade” in larger, more established countries… your chance of watching your investment drop to $0 is much less than in the stock market.

Good news is the best trading is in the 7 biggest countries… or the G7…

O.P.M. Other Peoples Money

Let’s talk about leverage for a minute.

Have you ever heard of stock accounts that trade on something called margin?

That’s where you can put up $1000 let’s say, a control $1,500 for the stock, pretty cool huh.

Brokerage houses do this because they figure that in any given day the price of the stock is not going to go down by more than a third or so, so it’s a pretty safe bet and the broker charges the trader INTEREST on the borrowed money he’s trading.

In the currency markets, brokerage houses commonly give traders 50 to 1 margin accounts, INTEREST FREE! why do you think that is?

Because the market rarely moves more than a few percentage points in any given day.

And remember, we’re skimming fractions of cents from these trades.

And if you’re in another country outside the US, or if your broker is outside the US these margins often go up to as high as 200 or 300 to 1.

So it’s not uncommon for you to be able to put $100 of your own money in your account and be trading $3000-$10,000 of somebody else’s money, and the super groovy part is you can never lose any more than you the amount you have in your account.

How’s that for leverage?

How George Soros and Warren
Buffet are Using Currency Trading for Good and (In Some Opinions) Evil

You’ve heard of George Soros? He is I believe, the single largest contributor to Liberal political organizations and the Democratic Party in the United States.

His political action committee PAC MoveOn.org was the single biggest contributor to the success of Barack Obama winning the White House.

He’s using his billions of dollars to push his liberal agenda down the throats of other common American citizens.

So how did Soros make all of his money? Well he made $1 billion of it in ONE DAY in the currencies market. I’ll tell you that story later.

How about Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway, bet you’ve heard of him.

Now before you get started you probably save yourself

“Warren Buffett makes a lot of money in the stock market, right?”

The answer is, absolutely, but not buying stocks in the sucker way that you do.  Buffett buys WHOLE companies, and then sells them to you as stockholders in Berkshire Hathaway, at full retail.

He is on the WHOLESALE side of the stock game.

$294 Currency Million Gain
in Just 90 Days

What most people don’t know is that Buffett’s company recently reported a $294 million gain in one quarter as result of its currency trading operation.

To put that in perspective, that’s more money than Sports Illustrated’s top 10 Athletes earned COMBINED.

You think there’s something to this currency trading business?

“Zero Decision Making is Required”

Better still, rules and the system make all the decisions for you so there’s no emotion or daily stress.

And you can run MULTIPLE systems at the same time, I personally trade 3 every day, so I really stabilize my results.

I know people who trade 20 systems or more simultaneously, like a table full of bingo cards. These guys are animals, I simply don’t like working that much. (I’ve gotten a little lazy)

That’s why…

I Quit My Job and Now I Finish Work
Most Days by Breakfast –
From Home

Can you imagine, you wake up in the morning when you want to, you open up your computer, pick out what you want to do today, and put your system in place.

You’re done for the day, that was tough, the system does all the work.

That’s how I live every day. Nine days of 10, I’m completely done with my work day before I have breakfast, and I can spend my day any way I want to.

This suits me very well because I travel quite a lot these days. In the fall my wife and I rented a house in Costa Rica and stay there for a month.

Have your been on vacation for a month?

If not I highly recommend it.

To be honest I wasn’t completely on vacation. I still worked every day, but just like when I’m at home, I was done by breakfast.

That’s the other super cool part of this business. I can work from any place in the world that has an Internet connection, even from her cruise ship (although the internet rates are pretty high)

Plus, when people asked me today what I do for a living and I say “I’m an international currency trader” I love the look on her face.


For one I know they’re impressed, this is a very James Bond job.

Even funnier, no matter what they’re saying, I know in the back of their mind they’re thinking  “Man, I wish I knew what that meant…”

This is a COOL industry and it’s pretty darn easy…

Why OBAMA-Care, China and
Ben Berneke Have Created a
Currency War
YOU Can Profit From Right Now!

There is one major disadvantage to the foreign currency market: When the economy is stable, there’s no major change going on in the world, and we’re all pretty much at a level playing field.

When that happens, admittedly this market can be pretty boring.

Fortunately, the world is anything but stable…especially for those of us in the US.

And here are three big reasons opportunity abounds in currencies:

#1 Obama care has made the US dollar very unstable. In short, the rest of the world doesn’t know if we can pay the bill for all of Obama’s social programs, so understandably the dollar’s value is low and going lower.

If you’re an average American, and especially if you’re a business owner, this is a big problem because inflation runs rampant and your buying power gets slashed.

But for those of us “in the know”, we can actually profit in these uncertain times while our neighbors sit on the sidelines in a constant state of impotence and desperation.

We can also hedge and protect our other investments by

Large volatility in the market gives us good setups for breakouts

This is the Poke & Pivot and you get it as a FREE bonus

#2 China has done everything they can over the past few years to artificially lower the value of its currency to make its goods sell better globally.

This sort of ‘tinkering” really makes their currency predictable, especially 4 times a month.

Look at this

“Announcements over the weekend and China’s banks opening hours before our US banks can cause large gaps in price”

This system is called the “Golden Gap” and you get it too

#3 The Federal Reserve chief Ben Berneke is doing everything he can with interest rates to slow inflation in the United States, while managing to pay back the US debt with dollars of lesser value.

New announcements from the Federal Reserve and other government agency can and do cause large moves in the Forex market. We use the Movers strategy to grab those moves.

See why we call it “BigFoot” You get this full system too

Are you ready to…

You’ll Drip Cash Out Of Their
Pockets So Slowly They
Won’t Even Notice

The real secret is flying under the radar.

By siphoning off just pennies per trade in a multi-trillion dollar market your “little blip” will never make the radar screen of the big boys, but could make you a small fortune.

I’m not kidding here. You literally can’t wrap your mind around how many billions of dollars, yen, Swiss francs and British pounds change hands every single day in this swirling money circus.

I know at least 100 people who make a full-time living trading currencies, some make hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions of dollars per year working from their homes or the neighborhood coffee shop, totally unnoticed.

Coffee Shop Millionaires?

Ever gone to Starbucks and see those guys with fancy laptop computers at 11 o’clock in the morning? Do you ever wonder what they’re doing for a living?

Are you especially curious when I walk outside and get inside $90,000 BMW?

There’s no way to know for sure, but I would bet some of those people are my friends, and fellow currency traders.

This is a lifestyle business of the sort you can only imagine.

How Would an Extra $10,000 a
Month Change Your Life?

Have you ever thought about how just an extra $10,000 a month could completely change your life.

I’m not talking about another $10,000 a month that you have to get a second job for and work an extra 40 hours a week for. I’m talking about passive income.

Would it be enough for you to retire on?

I don’t know, that’s personal, but I can assure you this, in almost every situation, it would make life a lot more livable.

I heard this line in a movie once…

“…There’s only two ways son, you better get busy living or get busy dying”
Clint Eastwood

Sadly today,  I think there are far more people sitting around just waiting to die than are people actually living life.

Spending their lives in cubicles at dead end jobs.

What a pity.

It doesn’t have to be this way, I’m not gonna give you some pep talk or a “woo-woo” solution to your problem, here’s a fact that Napoleon Hill made clear his famous book the average.

“No man can achieve any level of success in his life until the first overcomes his fear of poverty”
Napoleon Hill

I hope those were struck you as hard as they struck me the first time I read them.

Listen, scared money has never won anything.

Now is the time to get off that treadmill and start building something for yourself or change.

Whether you’re just starting out in your career, or you given your entire life, or the best years of it to a company that under appreciates you, under pays you, and has built a glass ceiling over your head.

This is YOUR time to shine.

You Can’t Put The Crap
Back in The Horse

The world is changing, globalization is happening, there’s absolutely no stopping it.

Technology is replacing people and entire industries are disappearing overnight, there has never been a more uncertain time.

But there’s also never been more amazing time of opportunity.

Many people becoming virtually extinct over the next few years while others will profit wildly, you have to decide which one you will be.

It’s as simple as a choice, be a prisoner or be free…

Have You Ever Experienced a
TOTALLY Free Lifestyle?

I am a totally free man. Man does that ever feel good to say.

I don’t know if you can imagine right now having the ability to make your own choices, the get up and go to bed when you want, to work when you want to play when you want to and do exactly what makes you happy every single player life, if you can’t you need to start.

In my experience there are only two things  people really want, fame or money.

I don’t know about you, but if given the choice between rich and famous I’ll take rich all day long and twice on Sunday.

The last thing I want to be in the current political climate is to be perceived as famously rich.

I just like rich…

As international currency trader, I have a lot of advantages.

My Lifestyle ROCKS!

Advantage Number One: The currency market is open 24 hours a day  Five days a week so I can trade any time I want to so I set my own hours. When I first started out, I only traded at night and on the weekends, and sometimes early in the morning before I went to my job as an insurance adjuster YUCK!

Advantage Number Two: Everything I do is on the Internet, so like I said before I can work from anywhere in the world, so no matter where I’m traveling, and for whatever reason, I have the ability to earn money for me and my family. I don’t know about you, but with the current political climate, being able to be portable is extremely important to me.

Advantage Number Three: I have the ability to cash out a seconds notice, this is without question the most liquid market in the world, there’s always a buyer for cash. I never worried about being stuck without a buyer for positions, this is a clear distinguishing factor between the currency market and the stock market.

Advantage Number Four: This one may not sound as exciting to you but it’s a giant benefit to me. Since becoming an international currency trader I feel like I have a greater understanding of how the world works than anyone else that I know. Honestly, it’s like having your eyes opened to something that 99.99% of people don’t ever see. I really can’t explain it but what happens to you it will be awesome.

Advantage Number Five: I’ve learned an amazing skill to teach my children, this is the real way that wealth is passed down, not necessarily through money but through knowledge. Can you imagine a greater gift that you give your children the ability to always be able to earn a living, whether they have jobs or not, whether the economy sucks or not, whether we have great political leaders or total idiots.

These are just a few of the reasons that I’m a professional international currency trader, and why you should really consider becoming one.

“Currency Trading Has Worked For
10,000 years and Will Surely Will
Last Out Your Lifetime and That of
Your Children and Grand Children”

I would love to tell you that you just stumbled across some brand-new way to make money, passively, over and over again even in your sleep but that would be a lie.

Truth is there is nothing new about the system, the same systems that are being traded today, have been traded for years by banks and financial institutions, and it literally made billions.

The two big breakthroughs here are:

Access:  The fact that now you as an individual trader can participate in international currency markets, right from your PC or Mac. You can open an account for as little as $100, and be trading is much as $1000 $10,000  in a matter of minutes.

Systems costs: The systems that financial institutions have been buying for years to trade currencies,  cost millions of dollars, took years to develop, and had to be ran on giant mainframe computers that cost $250,000 apiece themselves. That’s all changed.

Today, virtually all currency trading systems could be ran from a common laptop, and because there are now thousands of currency traders versus a handful before the cost of trading systems has come down sharply, costing anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars for the same technology multibillion dollar traders.

You might be disappointed to learn that all this is not that new, but you should look at in a different way. It’s proven. It works, and big companies have been making billions of dollars from it for years.

Now it’s your turn.

Are You Ready For The Exact
FORMULA I Use – It Can Be On Your
Computer Screen in The Next 7 Minutes

Okay, I rattled on long enough. By now you probably already made a choice of whether or not you want to join me as an international currency trader, am I right?

If so, I got some great news for you.

You can have my very best systems, and software and tools delivered directly to your computer screen within the next 7 min.

“So Why Would I Share My Best
Currency Trading Systems With You?”

For the longest time I only traded these systems in my own account. It’s not that I was unwilling to share my secrets, it’s just that I never really saw the point. I’m a trader, not a marketer and I was happy making money just DOING instead of TEACHING, but in the last – 24 -36  months everything changed…

When I started, there was very little information available about currency trading. Stock and commodity trading has been popular for decades, but currencies remained in relative obscurity.

And the information that was out there was either incorrect, incomplete, or it was just a re-hash of basic trading strategies that have existed in the stock and commodities markets. No one even tested them to make sure those strategies actually applied in the currency market!

But I didn’t totally lose heart. I purchased one course after another, each time hoping I would learn something valuable. Each time, however, I was disappointed…

“All the Other Courses Were

To put it kindly, I was PISSED OFF!!

“Heck, I can do better than this” I said

That’s when I decided to publish my Forex Profit Formula™.

I wanted to offer an alternative to all the lies and scams being sold on the Internet.

I wanted to offer SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY WORKED…something that was proven through years of real-world testing and not just hyped up theory that some wannabee guru thought should work!

And so that’s just what I did…

I’ve Packaged Three of My Best
Currency Trading Systems Into One
Package So You Can Start Making
Money With Confidence TODAY!

These systems aren’t theories or “good ideas” I think should work.

These are tested and proven TRADING SYSTEMS that do work!

And when I say “trading system” I mean they come with ultra-specific rules such as:

  1. WHEN you should get into a trade…
  2. WHEN you should get out of a trade…
  3. WHERE you should place your stops so you can protect yourself should things not go your way (and you should know right now that sometimes they don’t)…

In short, there’s no room for error because I show you EXACTLY how you need to trade if you want to make money.

I don’t care how “green” you are…  after you go through my Forex Profit Formula™ you will know how to trade currencies!

And here’s exactly how you’ll do it…

The Secret To Profiting In Any Market, No Matter the Conditions…

Ask any professional trader and they’ll tell you that the market moves in only *one of three* ways:

  • Up…
  • Down, or…
  • Sideways

To successfully trade the currencies (or any market for that matter), you must be able to profit in BOTH up and down markets and AVOID the sideways markets altogether.

That’s exactly what the three (3) proprietary trading systems in my Forex Profit Formula™ allow you to do.

Here’s how each system works:

System #1: Gap Trade the Currencies

What if I told you that this Sunday (when the market reopens), you have an opportunity to put on a trade that over the past 9 years has been right 89.1% of the time? (In other words, this trade is profitable 9 times out of 10!)

This method of trading is known is “Gap Trading”, and for decades traders have been using “gaps” to accurately predict short-term movements in virtually every market from stocks to currencies.

NOTE: A “gap” is nothing more than a change in price levels between the close and open of two consecutive bars on a chart. You can see an example of one of these gaps below…

Though rare, gaps in the Currency market do occur. In fact, between the four currency pairs that I trade using this system, I’ll have around 50 or 60 trades a year (so approximately one per week).

That may not sound like a lot, but when you’re right 9 times out of 10 you don’t need a lot of trades to make a lot of money.

When one of these gaps occurs, it’s a highly-accurate signal that the currency pair is about to reverse direction. In other words, if the price “gaps up” (as in the example below), you would want to sell short. If it “gaps down”, you would want to go long.

I realize that may sound counter-intuitive, but by betting against the gap you’ll be right 9 times out of 10. And I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a pretty safe “gamble” to me!

Locating gaps in the Currency market is easy once you know how, and my report, “Gap Trading the Currency Market” (which is included in the Forex Profit Formula™ system), will tell you exactly how it’s done. But obviously trading “gaps” isn’t the only way to make money in the Currencies . I’ve discovered another method that has the potential to be even more profitable…

System #2: Currency Breakout Formula

Imagine what it would be like to receive a private memo 48 to 72 hours before a major currency pair experiences a breakout. Do you think you could profit from information like that?

NOTE: A “breakout” is when a currency value rapidly jumps to a new high or falls to a new low, creating a window of opportunity where massive profits can be achieved.

While I can’t promise you that the pairs themselves will call and give you a “heads up”, I can show you a chart pattern I have discovered that is so accurate at predicting major breakouts you’ll feel like you have your own crystal ball.

But this more than just a “breakout detection system.” This pattern can also help you determine your:

  1. Entry Price
  2. Exit Price, and even…
  3. Stop-Loss Placement

..before the breakout even occurs! So you can literally set your trade, walk away and check in later to see how much money you’ve made.

  • No analyzing charts for hours on end to find the “perfect pattern”…
  • No jumping into big breakouts at the last minute (when it’s too late and all the profits are gone), and…
  • No more guessing when you should exit out of the trade.

Once you discover this “secret pattern”, you’ll finally be able to trade with confidence, have more fun, and see REAL GAINS in your account. For example, looking at the chart below, would you know what your next move should be?

Using the “Pivot Reversal” pattern you’ll learn about in this report, I can literally tell within seconds EXACTLY where I should place my entry, exit and stop loss. In fact, this one play (above) earned me 142 pips (or $1,420 USD) just this last November, and the one you see below earned me 92 pips ($920 USD). All in a matter of days!

It’s not magic or voodoo…the chart pattern “told me” what was going to happen a day in advance, so I had more than enough time to react.
If all this still seems confusion to you or if you can’t see the chart pattern I’m referring to, don’t worry. I explain this trading strategy in a special report, Currency Breakout Formula: How To Predict Breakouts in the Currency  Market Days Before they Actually Occur…

…and best of all you’ll also receive this report as a part of my Forex Profit Formula™.

System #3: Mega Market Movers

In less than 30 days, the U.S. government will release a report that could make a handful of traders very rich…very quickly.

But I must warn you: This trading strategy is not for the faint of heart. In fact, I know many fund managers who plan to stop trading their accounts altogether when this announcement hits, because they’re afraid of what it could do to an unprotected portfolio.

As you know, high returns don’t come without a fair amount of risk, but as long as you’re willing to accept some of that risk then you have what it takes to be a part of this “inner circle”.

Here’s what I mean…

Announcements like the one that is happening next month aren’t new. In fact, governments all around the world regularly publish economic reports and other financial news that “The Street” uses to determine the strength or weakness of the particular country’s economy.

And while most of these announcements are fairly benign, a few of them (and one in particular that you’ll learn about in the Forex Profit Formula™) can drastically effect the value of a particular currency pair in a VERY short period of time. As you might imagine, these price swings create a FEEDING FRENZY for traders who want in on the action.

In fact, one such feeding frenzy occurred back in June. Just look at the results…

That’s a 76 pip move in only 2 minutes!

In other words, if you were on the right side of this trade you could have earned $760 (while investing only $1000) in about the same amount of time it takes you to brush your teeth in the morning. And as you would expect, the more you invest the more money you can make!

Big moves like these have happened before, and they WILL happen again. (So far the largest one I’ve personally witnessed was a 104 pip move in under 3 minutes.)

And the next one is less than 30 days away!

Obviously if you’re on the right side of one of these “mega moves”, the profit potential is HUGE. Especially when you consider the ultra-short time-frame! If you’re on the wrong side, however, it could take you months (or even years) to recover.

That’s why it’s essential that you:

  1. Know what announcements and “news events” you should trade and which ones you should avoid, PLUS…
  2. Know how to put on the trade so that you profit…no matter how the news is received.

I hope you caught that last point because it’s a biggie.

You see, a lot of people who try to trade these “news events” think you need to accurately predict how the news will be received before you can place your trade.

Let me tell you, that’s absolute trading suicide!

Just imagine if the 79 pip example above moved against YOU. How badly would that hurt?

No, if you want to play this game to win, then you need to first learn the rules. That’s where my in-depth research report comes in handy.

It’s called Mega Market Movers: How To Profit at the Speed of the News, and in it I profile the biggest “market movers” of all and how to trade them without losing your shirt.

This trading opportunity happens early next month, and if you want to be ready in time you need to act fast. So let me show you how you can get INSTANT ACCESS to this report and the entire Forex Profit Formula™ right now…

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System Report #1: Gap Trading the Forex

This “forgotten” trading strategy is RIGHT 89.1% of the time! Some traders don’t even think “Gap Trading” works in the Currencies, and the ones who do still trade it wrong. You’ll get all the details, though, including my tested and proven entries and exits, and the exact pairs I trade.

System Report #2: Currency Breakout Formula

This “crystal ball” will allow you to predict massive moves in the Currencies market DAYS before they actually occur. If you don’t currently have a breakout system in your “trading portfolio”, this is a great place to begin.

System Report #3: Mega Market Movers

This news announcement only occurs once a month, but when traded correctly one trade can literally yield THOUSANDS of dollars in profit! That said, the reverse is also true, so you shouldn’t attempt to trade this major announcement unless you know what you’re doing…

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BAD NEWS: This Secret Back Door To The “Circle of Trust”  Will Be Closed To You VERY, VERY, Soon

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Good trading

- Jason Fielder

Founder, FXImpact.com

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Go Ahead, Ask Me Some Questions… These People Did

Q: I have never traded the Currency market. Is the Forex Profit Formula™ still for me?

A: Absolutely! The ForexProfit Formula™ was created with beginners as well as experienced traders in mind. With the Forex Profit Formula manual, beginners will learn everything they need to know about the Currency market to start trading within hours, and experienced traders can dive into one of the three systems and start profiting IMMEDIATELY!

Q: I’ve heard the Currenciesis riskier than other markets such as stocks and futures. If I’m a beginner should I avoid the Currencies?

A: Let’s get one thing straight right here and now…all forms of trading are inherently risky. If you want a guaranteed return – get a job!

As for Currencies being more risky than say stocks, for example, here’s a quick story that you may find helpful…

I have two good friends who are professional stock traders. These guys aren’t your average, work-from-home day-traders. They’re pros: Level 2 quotes. Lightning-fast executions.

Interns that bring them coffee so they don’t have to leave their computers. The works.

The funny thing is, they look at me like I’m insane for trading currencies because “the Currencies is too risky…”

At the same time, they’re taking a bath when the proverbial $h*+ that is Enron, WorldCom and Global Crossing hit the fan (not to mention the occasional dot.bomb and housing busts that also have a way of rocking the stock markets). No thank you.

With the Currencies, since it’s normal market forces that are driving the volatility, technical trading systems are not only more accurate, but they also hold up over a longer period of time.

Q: But what about all that volatility? Isn’t it true that the Currencies is more volatile than other markets?
A: Traders who fear volatility is almost as bad as surfers who can’t swim.

You see, just like surfers need MASSIVE waves to achieve the best possible results, traders need MASSIVE movements if they’re going to extract big profits from the markets.

And while it is possibly to make profits taking small gains during sideways markets, most traders will tell you that the major profit opportunities come during big moves.

Take this big move for example…

Obviously if you know what you’re doing, you don’t need many moves like these each month to make a very nice income. But again, if you want to profit from massive moves like this, you need volatility.

Q: How much money do I need to start trading?
A: Most brokers will allow you to start trading with an amount as low as $500. Remember that starting out with low trading capital may put you at disadvantage because you will only be able to trade currencies in small share lot sizes. We recommend to start with capital of $2,000-5,000 USD or train on a Demo account untill you are satisfied with the performance.

Q: Is it hard to learn and implement your Forex Profit Formula™ trading systems?
A: No! Most people who invest in the Forex Profit Formula™ system start trading the same day they get it. Some even within minutes!

Q: What kind of Internet connection and computer hardware do I need?
A: Although it is possible to successfully trade using a regular phone line connection, we recommend you to use either Cable or DSL Internet service if it is available in your area. Since our systems trade on the daily and weekly time frames, however, the speed of your Internet connection isn’t as crucial as with other trading methods.

Q: Do you provide customer support?
A: Of course! We would never just sell you something and then leave you hanging. Feel free to contact us any time you have questions or concerns.

Q: What if I’m not happy with the Forex Profit Formula™?
A: It’s a COMPLETELY RISK-FREE INVESTMENT: 100% Money-Back Guarantee! Access the entire system today, if during the next 45 days of your purchase you are not satisfied for ANY reason, we will refund your payment in full no questions asked!

Keep in mind, however, that the Forex Profit Formula™ is made up of not one but THREE trading systems, so chances are very good you’ll be happy with at least one if not all three systems.

Q: Can your methods become outdated?
A: These systems are what as known as “evergreen systems”, meaning they’re based on time-tested and proven fundamental market factors. Unlike a lot of trading systems that are based purely on technical indicators (that can stop working for unknown reasons), we know exactly why our systems work the way they do. That said, we are continually testing and tweaking our methods, and you’re entitled to free upgrades for life!

As you can see, the Forex Profit Formula™ is perfect whether you’re a beginner or an advanced trader. So what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to begin profiting TODAY from the comfort of your very own home, simply click the button below to get started…

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Your Summit Awaits You

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